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Yes, our Drug & Alcohol awareness training is CPD Accredited, and RoSPA Approved and takes just 25 minutes to complete. 

Addiction is a complex disease to understand. It can affect the brain and the body and you can be addicted to a substance or an activity. There have been suggestions that addiction can be genetic. It can cause harm to your families, ruin relationships and put jobs in danger.

Alcoholism is the addiction to consuming alcohol and the inability to manage how much of it you are having. Alcoholism is the dependency of alcohol and often feeling like they can not go without it and suffers will often put it above everything else in their life. As drinking can be used as a social tool, alcoholism may not always seem as obvious as drug addiction because it can hide in plain sight.

Alcoholism refers to the addiction to alcohol, so alcoholism is a form of addition.

Mind provides a list of contacts for support with addiction and dependency.

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Substance Misuse Policy - Suggested Inclusions

There is no such thing as a STANDARD Substance Misuse Policy, because all organisations are DIFFERENT and need to have a policy to suit their own requirements.


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Drinking can become a serious problem. It’s important to recognise that you MAY have a problem and do something about it BEFORE it’s too late! We have created a list of suggestions.