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Repetative content

As before, a refresher with test would surfice.

going over old ground

It would be better to test first than only cover the topics that are required.

Another way to make a lot of money.

No summary provided


Some of the questions and answers weren't clear to me.. quite a few I did not agree with some Manual Handling practice questions and answers. Some trick questions.

Awful quiz, with confused questions

The quiz is bad - some questions/answers are not clear and straight forward, the language of them makes it very frustrating. Some questions do not seem to be connect to the training or covered in the training. Why do I need to pass a quiz when I have watched the video and I can confirm I am happy with the instructions.

Went on for to long

Full of useful information that you need to be aware of and use for your own safety and health, but should be split in to two separate courses

not possible to ask questions

No Manual assesment to ensure doing in the correct manner

Unengaging, fragmented

The videos being split into numerous videos is an odd choice to me and made the training janky, a lot of the information given was extremely basic and the general tone as a result was condescending, while there is good useful content it took a while to get to the point, the general presentation of the videos were not engaging and this made it hard to focus on what was being said

Overly long, patronising

I found this course really difficult to follow. There was around 15 minutes of setup detail before any core content was covered and having the videos split into multiple short videos made it fell really disjointed. A shorter, more concise video focussing more on good manual handling practices with the unnecessary primary school grade biology lessons removed would be far more valuable

I've seen better

The practical demonstrations seemed geared towards office staff as opposed to shop floor workers. The heaviest object moved was a mere 16kg. There was no mention of "spreading your base" eg using an arm to support your back while lifting. Training of this nature is much better when tailored to your own specific, I feel it would be more beneficial to train someone in lifting a 6 metre length of profile rather than a small box of a table. Obviously this is difficult in a video and I would suggest classroom sessions as opposed to training videos. Pristine Condition is a company that offers such a service. The Video in itself was too long and the presenters lacked enthusiasm.Oh and its TILE not LITE! Task Individual Load Environment!!!!


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