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Easy to grasp and practical.

Anxiety is a common almost day to day uneasy issue to manage and requires practice and patience to handle. The feeling and consequences can be so sever, so it is important to adopt simple practical technics to help find solutions overtime. It is our responsibility to determine the extent to which we let our thoughts affect us, be flexible!. It is important to first of all identify the problem, evaluate how you feel about it then determine how to react to these thoughts. The ABC approach and other little technics like taking a walk, belly breathing and creating safe spaces can be of great help.


Really uplifting and excellent explanation!

very instructive

No summary provided

Really helpful and can be used.

I took notes from this course and will use them in my daily life. Would be great to also do a course on management and sales skills.

Straightforward clear

Gives helpful techniques in a simpler clearer way

Helpful advice

Helpful advice easy to understand

Anxiety is a medical condition

I think it needs to be stated that although this course is managing the feeling of being anxious it its not designed to cover 'anxiety' the severe medical condition, and some of the tips outlined although may help to an extent will not fully cover the broad issues associated with clinical anxiety which this course fails to mention. It increases the stigma of clinical anxiety as it diminishes 'anxiety' to something that can get handled with breathing exercises etc, and doesn't note that many people may be on medication.

Excellent course

No summary provided

Helpful, with some useful tips.

Living with anxiety is an everyday thing for many people. This course gave some extremely useful ways to look at how to overcome stress or deal with it in a constructive way.

Not to long, enjoyed it

Good, practical course

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