Fire Extinguisher Training Reviews

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Average score 4.8

63 reviews

  • 86% 5
  • 10% 4
  • 3% 3
  • 2% 2
  • 0% 1
Repeated but informative

I felt some bits like removing the plastic tab on each fire extinguisher was repeated too much but all the same very informative.

Helpful Practical Suggestions

A lot of information to take in. I think have questions spread through the video would help to retain the correct details for each extinguisher

Very informative

very informative, simple to understand, good content

clear and concise, easy to understand

Easy to follow training. I'd just recommend that the script references what type of fire it is every time they mention what class it is. This would help re-inforce the connection between the two. For example:"water extinguishers are mostly used for Class A fires" ... "which are fires caused by organic materials such as paper, wood and fabric."

Good course.

Presented in a clear way with no ambiguity. Points well put across.Pleasant and convenient way to attend a course.Repetitive at times.My organisation's IT security policies prevented me doing the course and completing this rating. How I was able to do the course on my private computer. It worked well on Safari.


Clear guidance on types of fire, the applicable extinguisher and when and if to use them

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