Fire Extinguisher Training Reviews

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Average score 4.8

63 reviews

  • 86% 5
  • 10% 4
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  • 2% 2
  • 0% 1
Theoretical training level is acceptable

From my experience as a fire fighter and from attendance of previous extinguisher courses, I would recommend that all people taking part in extinguisher training have hands on training, not just theoretical training in front of a screen. Until you have a fire in front of you (controlled for training purposes) and you have to put into practice what you have learnt in theory you do not know how you will react, some people panic and are unable to tackle a small fire. In my opinion all fire extinguisher training should involve practical training, if this cannot be arranged, people should simply be told to exit the building via a safe route as this is the best advice anyone can receive. A little knowledge can be more dangerous than having none.

Good, concise information

Content was exactly the same as that in the fire warden training

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