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Average score 4.6

173 reviews

  • 75% 5
  • 19% 4
  • 3% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1
The course was easy to understand

I enjoyed the different areas the course covered. It reminds people to take breaks which is very important.

Good tips

The course give good tips and advices but again is a bit too long, at the end you loose focus

Some useful points but rather wordy

I was a bit surprised that the course felt the need to explain how to set out one's time when working remotely - do you expect that someone tells workers in the office what to do all day and when to do it? That isn't my experience! There are some useful ideas in this course but it's over long, in my opinion.

needs updating

This course needs to be rewritten and update taking into account COVID-19. Most people are only working from home because of this and you can't "go out for lunch", meet up with friends etc.

good short course

good and concise short course on working remotely from home.

clear and easy to follow

The training covers the important aspects of effective remote working, including creating work/life boundaries and touches on isolation and loneliness for the remote worker.

Reasonable information well presented

Reasonable information well presented.

Useful and practical

Course was useful and practical. I am setting up a home office currently so will be very useful. Some useful tips on Structuring work, day, milestones. I'd like a bit of advice on how to handle situations where demands from the business overstretch your team with either too much work or unrealistic deadlines. I think that we have seen that a lot of that in IT and the results can be detrimental to the business. Noted that it is getting better but still a large business reliant on a small team - Overall - good course.

good to have a overview and useful tips

Enable me to think how I can improve my remote working

Easily digestable course.

Good, clearly understandable course. Didn't like Slide 13, productivity being mentioned before well being and mental health. Wrong emphasis.

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