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Average score 4.6

173 reviews

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It did not apply to me !

I do not work remotely, the course was of no use to me & I don't know why I was assigned it !! No offence !

Would be nice to have non video option

The videos are slow, i can read what they are saying in a fraction of the time, I don't need a video to read to me.I read the paragraph and then had to sit till the video ended to move on. Could have done the training in half the time.


No summary provided


Informative but concise.

Useful ideas but not always applicable

The presentation of the course was effectively done and easy to follow and there were several good suggestions in the fourteen slides about how to best work remotely. The course makes a solid effort at suggesting ways to combat and solve issues about working remotely, but these are not necessarily possible in a home environment where you have shared accommodation in small flat or limited resources either personally or from your employer. These issues are further complicated when one's flatmates are also working from home and therefore workspace is an even bigger issue. Possibly future courses could be tailored to specific remote working spaces and how to best overcome the complications they present.

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