Effective Remote Working Training Reviews

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Average score 4.6

173 reviews

  • 75% 5
  • 19% 4
  • 3% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1
Waste of time

I've worked from home for 28 years. I didn't find this at all useful although it might have been for someone who has never done it before. More individual training assessment needs required.

A waste of time

Course was really for someone very young or inexperienced. I learned nothing from the course which was not common sense and basically stated the obvious. 40 mins which could have been used far more productive.

Very little relevance to Support working

Might be suited to administrative staff but not to Support Workers. Also the idea that people have two laptops one for work and one for leisure is a bit ridiculous. General common sense principles stretched very thinly to create a 'course'. Waste of time. Should not be included as a mandatory party of our training suite.

Not aimed at the right level

Was far too long for the actual content. The references to project working are not relevant to our remote workers

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