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What is the KCSIE document?

The KCSIE document is statutory guidance for schools, colleges and other institutes of education and it’s put together by the Department of Education. It applies to all school staff as well as to governing bodies, management committees and proprietors. Every member of staff within a school must read either Part one or Annex A of the guidance. These set out what legal duties must be followed to ensure the correct safeguarding of children under the age of 18. (Governing bodies and proprietors can choose Annex A (the condensed Part one) where they think it will be appropriate for those staff not working directly with children.)

The KCSIE document is updated every 1-2 years and the 2021 updated version has been made into a programme within our course library.

"Keeping children safe in education 2021’ is for information only and does not come into force until 1 September 2021. Schools and colleges must continue to use ‘Keeping children safe in education 2020’ until then."
- gov.uk

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What are the main changes that have been made in the 2021 version?

There are some key themes in Part one of the 2021 update that looks at criminal exploitation, child sexual exploitation and serious violence to help staff understand how to identify children who might be at risk. The results of the Ofsted Review of sexual abuse in schools & colleges have also been reflected throughout. 

An outline of some of the key changes:

  • The addition of the concise KCSIE Part one – known as Annex A. What was Annex A last year, is now the new Annex B: Further information.
  • Additional information added on Child Criminal Exploitation and Child Sexual Exploitation, mental health resources, cybercrime, county lines, radicalisation, modern slavery, peer on peer abuse, sharing of nude/semi-nude images, serious violence, social care assessments, and record-keeping, and more minor updates.
  • Updated advice and online links to further support. We have collated this information and created a "general resource" PDF in the course. It's also attached to slide 138.
  • KCSIE now applies to providers of post 16 Education as set out in the Education and Training (Welfare of Children) Act 2021: 16-19 Academies, Special Post-16 institutions and Independent Training Providers.

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