Carrying out a DSE Assessment
A DSE user.

What is a DSE Assessment and why are they important?

DSE Assessments or DSE Risk Assessments look at a number of things in your working proximity and help you evaluate your current workstation layout and DSE equipment. 

Messy workstations or workstations/display screen equipment that have been set up incorrectly can result in musculoskeletal injuries. In fact, a survey funded by the HSE found a high prevalence of headaches (52%), eye discomfort (58%), neck pain (47%), back pain (37%), and shoulder pain (39%) in DSE users.

DSE Assessments are also required by law as part of the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. 

How often should they be done? 

DSE training and assessments vary from business to business and individual to individual. Therefore, the employer or responsible person should provide training and assessments at regular intervals that they deem appropriate, based on the workplace/environment. 

For most workplaces, we recommend that training and assessments are conducted on an annual basis, but there are a variety of situations where they may have to be conducted earlier, including: 

  • If a DSE user complains about pain or discomfort
  • A new starter will require training and assessments when beginning work 
  • A new workstation is set up 
  • An employee returns to work after an extended period of time 
  • If changes are made to an existing workstation 

How does iHASCO’s tool work?

iHASCO DSE Assessment

Our online DSE Assessment Tool is built into our IOSH Approved DSE Training. Users complete our short, high-quality DSE Training course and are provided with the assessment upon completion of the course. Once the user has completed their assessment, training administrators can pull reports and are notified of any issues occurring from an assessment. Administrators can identify, prioritise, and quickly resolve any issues and keep end-users updated. 

How much does it cost? 

Our DSE Assessment Tool comes included with our DSE Training. Pricing for our training is dependent on the number of users you need to undertake the training. For a bespoke, cost-effective quote, get in touch with us today via our quote request page

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