Document and Policy storage - tabs
A returning to work policy for COVID in an employees training suite.

How does it work?

Using our documents & policies module you can share critical policies and procedures on your LMS and choose to mark them as required reading. Even better, you can optionally choose to link these documents to specific courses in your library.

Employees are notified and reminded by email of documents requiring attention and we take care of recording these actions against their profile so all you have to do is run a report to get the complete picture on who’s seen what.

  1. Select the file in question (Must be a PDF no more than 20mb).
  2. Give it a name. 
  3. Select if it’s ‘mandatory reading’ or not. 
  4. Select who it applies to.
  5. You’re good to go!

Assigning documents to specific courses 

Document and Policy storage - Staff Fire Notice
Employees can review linked documents directly within the associated training course.

As a responsible person or employer, you'd want to know, for example, that employees have seen and read your General Fire Notice or Staff Fire Notice, in addition to having completed their mandatory Fire Awareness training. By far the simplest way to do this and record that activity is with our documents and policies module. Using this add-on module you can link your own businesses General Fire Notice or Staff Fire Notice to the Fire Awareness training course which your employees already have to complete. It's that simple! 

Other examples include:

  • Linking your data protection and privacy policy to your GDPR Training.
  • Linking your equal opportunities policy to your Equality & Diversity Training.

Assigning documents to specific employees

With our segmenting tool, you can also assign specific employees to a particular document or policy. For example, let’s say you have two offices or branches in the UK, but a policy that only applies to one of those offices/branches. Our segmenting tool would allow you to share that policy with the staff that work in the relevant office or branch. Or, you might have a document that is only relevant to a specific number of employees within your organisation - with our tool you can get as specific as you need! 

What does it look like for employees?

Document and Policy storage - required reading
Employees will see documents that have been set as 'required reading' at the top of their training suites.

If you’ve marked the document or policy as required reading, your employees will see them right at the top of their training suites. There is also a ‘Documents & Policies’ tab at the top of training suites where all of your documents and policies are stored.

Document and Policy storage - Confirmation of read
Employees are asked to confirm that they have read and understood documents.

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