Chinese (Simplified)

Courses currently available in Chinese (Simplified) are highlighted

  • Health & Safety

  • Human Resources

    • Equality and Diversity Training
    • Managing Anxiety Training
    • Returning to Work (during & after COVID-19) Training
    • Effective Remote Working Training
    • Resilience Training
    • Returning to Work Training
    • HR & Wellbeing Essentials Training
    • Handling Information in Care Training
    • Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities in Care Training
    • Equality & Diversity in Care Training
    • Personal Development in Care Training
    • Person-Centred Care Training
    • Communication in Care Training
    • Duty of Care Awareness Training
    • Understanding Your Role in Care Training
    • Privacy & Dignity in Care Training
    • Mental Health Awareness Training for Education Professionals
    • Mental Health Awareness Training for Carers and Nurses
    • FGM Awareness & Prevention Training
    • Prevent Duty Training
    • Mental Health in Construction Training
    • Conflict Resolution Training
    • Time Management Training
    • Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers
    • Mental Health Awareness Training
    • Sexual Harassment Awareness Training
    • Unconscious Bias Training
    • Unconscious Bias Training for Management
    • Bullying & Harassment Training
    • Bullying & Harassment Training for Managers
    • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training
    • Safer Recruitment in Education Training
    • New and Expectant Mothers at Work Training
    • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Training
    • Assessing Mental Capacity Training
    • Stress Awareness & Management Training

    Business Compliance

    • Business Compliance Essentials Training
    • GDPR Refresher Training
    • Whistleblowing Training
    • Modern Slavery Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training
    • GDPR Training for Management
    • GDPR Essentials Training
    • Cyber Security Awareness Training
    • Anti-Bribery Training
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training
    • Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Training
    • Consumer Rights Training for Retailers - DIGITAL CONTENT
    • Consumer Rights Training for Retailers - SERVICES
    • Consumer Rights Training for Retailers - GOODS
    • Environmental Awareness Training

We provide translations of both our training suite and a range of popular courses in Chinese (Simplified). Just log-in to your training suite, set your language preference and we’ll deliver course content which matches that.

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