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Anaphylaxis & Allergy Training for Schools & Carers

This course offers practical guidance on allergy management and explains how to offer comprehensive support to children with allergies. It also looks at how to deal with an Anaphylaxis Shock, school policies, and the impact that allergies can have on children.

40mHealth & Safety

Asthma Training for Schools & Carers

This course is for those who support or work closely with children with Asthma. This Asthma Training for Schools and Carers looks at the triggers and symptoms of Asthma, the correct medication, how to deal with an Asthma attack and what responsibilities schools have.

50mHealth & Safety

Diabetes Training for Schools & Carers

This course looks at the everyday risks and responsibilities, administering medication, school trips and education & wellbeing. With 35,000 children suffering from some form of diabetes in the UK, it is essential that schools are prepared to cater to their needs.

40mHealth & Safety

Epilepsy Training for Schools & Carers

On average, there is at least one child with Epilepsy in every primary school and up to 5 in every secondary school. This course looks at the types of Epileptic Seizures, triggers and treatment, your responsibilities and how Epilepsy can affect education and wellbeing.

45mHealth & Safety

Paediatric First Aid Refresher Training

This Paediatric First Aid (Refresher) Training course has been designed for anybody who works with babies, infants, or children and can be used to remind employees of what they learnt during practical training.

20mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Children Training

This Safeguarding Children Training course covers the 4 Rs of protecting children to help the user gain a better understanding the safeguarding process and why it is so important.

60mHealth & Safety

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With over 73,000 children and young people currently living with complex needs in the UK alone, it has never been more important for school staff to have sufficient training. Our accredited online courses are a great way to cover these important areas of safeguarding.

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Your Legal Responsibilities

All schools and institutes of education have legal responsibilities when it comes to caring for children with complex needs. See current legislation below: 

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