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Are staff allowed to work alone?

Are staff allowed to work alone?

Working alone isn’t against the law and most of the time will be safe to do so. However, the law requires employers must consider carefully ANY health and safety risks for people working alone. Employers should show due diligence by carrying out a risk assessment prior to starting the task.

However, lone working is illegal if the work at hand requires more than a single person to carry the work out safely. An example of illegal lone working is a worker carrying out a manual handling task that requires two people to be lifting.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety, and welfare at work of all their workers, regardless of whether they are employees, contractors, or self-employed workers.

Additionally, workers have responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and other people affected by their work activities and to cooperate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations.

Lone Working Training

A surprising statistic: 46% of UK workers consider themselves to be “Lone Workers”! It is essential that they receive the adequate training so that all risks involved with the lone work is minimised.

That’s why we offer a group of Lone Worker Training courses, which includes:

Each course is individually approved and provides you with a printable upon completion of the end-of-course quiz.

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