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KCSIE 2024 Draft Guidance - What’s changing?

KCSIE 2024 Draft Guidance - What’s changing?

As we are getting closer to summer break, now is the perfect time for education staff to get familiar with the proposed changes to the 2024 KCSIE document, which has just been released.

Here at iHasco, clients working in the education sector get free access to our KCSIE Guidance course, which provides schools and colleges with a simple and effective way to distribute the guidance, as well as tracking who has read it. 

We’ve recently published our Keeping Children Safe in Education - 2024 (Draft Guidance) course. This course will run alongside our existing KCSIE 2023 Guidance course until the end of August whilst we wait for the official guidance to be announced in September. 

Key changes at a glance

It's important to note that these updates are currently in draft form, and they may change between now and September. Additionally, the changes detailed below pertain only to Part One, Annex A, and Annex B (information for all school and college staff), as this is all we cover in our course.

  • Definition of ‘safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children’ updated per ‘Working together to safeguard children 2023’
  • ‘Early help’ updated per revised ‘Working Together’ guidance
  • ‘Abuse and Neglect’ heading now includes ‘exploitation’
  • ‘Indicators of Abuse and Neglect’ now includes text on the effects of domestic violence
  • ‘Safeguarding Issues’ updated to reflect revised definition of ‘unexplainable and/or persistent absences from education’
  • ‘Children and the court system’ now includes two age-appropriate guides for supporting children
  • ‘Preventing radicalisation’ updated with a disclaimer and clarified duties related to Prevent

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