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New course release - Neurodiversity Awareness

Our new Neurodiversity Awareness course

Neurodiversity celebrates the gift of uniqueness and independent thought. Along with it comes new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and many ways of approaching challenges and solving problems. ​​​N​eurodivergent colleagues bring highly valuable qualities to the team - but many workplaces fail to support their needs which means neither party is able to flourish as much as they could. 

1 in every 7 people has a neurodivergent mind

Our new Neurodiversity Awareness training course offers crucial information for everyone on what neurodiversity is and the benefits it brings to work. It also explores the varied nature of neurodivergent minds, how to best support neurodivergent colleagues, and how to create an inclusive work environment.

As users take this course, they will:

  • Be able to define and describe neurodiversity
  • Understand the challenges faced by and the strengths associated with neurodivergent people
  • Be able to support and facilitate neurodivergent colleagues and loved ones 
  • Have the tools you need to nurture inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and community

Find out more by getting started with a free trial, or get a bespoke quote and speak to one of our team today about your specific requirements.