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Cycle to Work Day 2023

Mike Brooks, our Videographer & Creative Facilitator, cycling to work

Taking place on the 3rd August, Cycle to Work Day is an awareness campaign aimed to promote the Cycle to Work Scheme to employers and employees across the UK.

According to Cyclescheme:

The cycle to work scheme allows employees to obtain commuter bikes and cycling accessories through their employer, whilst spreading the cost over 12 months and making unbeatable savings through a tax break


Did you know that a 2020 study found that cyclists had 84% lower lifecycle CO2 emissions from all daily travel than non-cyclists? It’s clear to see that cycling to work can have a great impact on climate change.

By offering a cycling to work scheme, not only can businesses encourage positive eco action, they can also benefit from:

  • Increased staff morale
  • Tax savings
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Becoming a more attractive option for job candidates

Here at iHasco, a handful of our employees choose to commute by bike. Avid cycler and our Videographer & Creative Facilitator, Mike Brooks, spoke to us about the benefits of cycling to work…

I do not cycle to work; I cycle to eat more biscuits.

30 minutes in the morning and 27 minutes in the evening, I don’t know where the missing 3 minutes goes.

I break my cycle of negative thinking by whizzing along a cycle path ringing my bicycle bell at pedestrians and rain clouds.

I cycle to work because I don’t want to afford another car on the road, by taking myself off the road I have taken myself out of 8 years of potential car accidents.

Gym’s will charge for going inside to sit on their stationary bikes, on the way to work but even the government can’t charge you road tax for cycling past a sports centre.

Whilst navigating the balance between work and home you see crazy things almost every day, in recent months I have been recording my bike journeys on Strava but not interested in counting individual calories, what it gives me is a place to record the things I see. 

Get your head out of its own parking space and try a different way to work, I can guarantee that you will be in a different place when you arrive. 

By the way, statistically, if you cycle one hour per day for a year you will be rained upon 12 times that leaves 216 days of British weather.

There's always a sunrise and always a sunset and it's up to you to choose to be there for it’, said my mother. 'Put yourself in the way of beauty.

Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Environmental Awareness Training

You already know that businesses have both legal and moral responsibilities to protect our planet, but did you know there are actually a number of business benefits associated with an environmentally aware workplace?

Just some of those benefits include:

  • Attracting new customers through competitive advantages
  • Avoiding rising costs by becoming more sustainable
  • Achieving a healthier, more productive workplace

With that said, employers cannot expect their workforce to be environmentally aware without leading from the front, so it is crucial that you implement methods of promoting environmental awareness. And that’s where we step in…

We offer an online Environmental Awareness Training course that has been designed for all levels of employees across any industry sector.

Not only does this course help users learn about their individual impact on the environment, but it also equips them with the information needed to help reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint.

See what the course has to offer by claiming your free, no-obligation trial today! Alternatively, you can request a bespoke quote and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your training requirements.