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Why good customer service is key in this climate

A member of a customer service team speaking to a customer over the phone

Did you know that UK businesses lose £12 billion every year as a result of poor customer service?

During an economic downturn, providing excellent customer service can help businesses attain a competitive edge.

Our experts believe that the following advice can help your business retain customers and find new ones through the delivery of fantastic customer service:

Back to basics

  • Ensure that your business uses customer feedback to set service standards within your team
  • Train all employees to adopt these standards

Be customer-centric

  • Listen to the customer’s needs and find out what is currently most important to them
  • Anticipate changes in customer requirements due to economic circumstances
  • Develop a strong value proposition that appeals to customers’ needs

Handling complaints correctly

  • Ensure your customer service staff listen to the complaint in order to demonstrate understanding
  • Empathise and apologise
  • Ask questions to clarify the issues
  • React positively

Did you know that on average, a happy customer will tell up to 9 people about their experience with an organisation, whereas unhappy customers have been found to tell up to 16 people about a bad experience?

Training in this area is, therefore, essential for anyone working in a customer-centric role, who frequently deals with customers. In order for many businesses to thrive, they need to ensure that the customer has the best possible experience with them.

By completing our Customer Service Training course, learners will be able to improve their service skills, regardless of whether their interaction is over the phone, via the computer or face- to-face, these skills will supply you with everything you need to provide the best experience for your customer.

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