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November’s free soft skill course!

Critical Thinking Training promotion image

Another month, another free Soft Skills Training course for our clients! This month's free Soft Skills training course is Critical Thinking Training!

Once you've activated the offer within your LMS, you and your staff will have access to the courses for 30 days only.

This course will help users to:

  • Understand how to use logical reasoning to order their thoughts and justify their beliefs.
  • Know how to find and use evidence to strengthen the point that they are making.
  • Understand the meaning of the term 'argument' in its philosophical sense.

How to access these free courses

Simply log into your LMS, click on the “course library” tab and you’ll see promotional cards to add the courses to your account. You can then assign these courses to your staff manually or assign them to everyone. Access will be limited to 30 days from the moment you add the course to your account and you will receive email notifications to let you know when this access is near to expiring. 

Please contact your account manager or speak to a member of our support team if you need any assistance! 

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