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Change is an undeniable and integral part of our existence, but change is still something everyone resists and even sometimes fears. 

Resistance and fear are both perfectly natural responses to change, but with a little practice and guidance, we can learn to better handle our feelings towards change, and respond to it in a way that benefits everyone. As a manager, you have a responsibility to help bring about the changes that are taking place at work, ensuring that they’re a success; and to help your team transition from the old to the new, making the process as smooth as possible for everyone.

By reading this Managing Change White Paper: For Managers and understanding how many of us naturally respond to change, you can ensure that you’re equipped to communicate effectively with your team before changes take place; to support them as the changes are implemented; and to ensure that they feel secure and empowered after changes take place. This enables both your team, and the organisation as a whole, to adapt, grow, and thrive in the face of the inevitable. And perhaps, in the process, you may come to understand your own feelings a little better too.

Upon downloading our free white paper, you'll be guided through the essential topics relating to managing change as a manager, including:

  • Understanding why we resist change
  • Why managers should learn about change management
  • The different models of change
  • The role of a manager in periods of transition or change
  • The importance of offering support
  • Getting the ball rolling with motivation, teaching and reflection
  • How iHASCO can help

Download our White Paper today

Responding to Change Training

As well as Managers, employees should also feel empowered to embrace change and respond to it effectively. Our Responding to Change Training Course will help employees feel more prepared when handling change. They will learn more about how to be more confident in positively responding to change and be given 4 actionable steps to take at the steps of the change process.

Responding to Change Training