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World Youth Skills Day

3 young employees sat at a table with a laptop.

The 15th July marks World Youth Skills Day. This annual event, formulated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, aims to raise awareness of the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

This year, the event takes place amid efforts towards socio-economic recovery from the pandemic that are also interconnected with various other challenges such as climate change, conflict, persisting poverty, rising inequality, rapid technological change, demographic transition and others.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) can equip youth with the skills required to access the world of work, including skills for self-employment. TVET can also improve responsiveness to changing skill-demands by companies and communities, increase productivity and increase wage levels. TVET can reduce access barriers to the world of work, for example through work-based learning, and ensuring that skills gained are recognised and certified.

Education and training

It is hugely important to recognise the impact education and training can have on supporting youth employment. Those given the right opportunities to learn and develop, irrespective of their background, will not only help contribute to the success of a company but learn transferable skills which will also support the economy as a whole in the long run. Whether young employees can be immersed, for example, in coding, construction or a trade, the mix of education and experience will help them thrive. World Youth Skills Day hopes to encourage the benefits of Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) to help young people find new roles and develop sought after and highly employable skills. 

Mental health concerns

World Youth Skills Day 2022 provides a good opportunity to recognise the difficulties young people may have faced as a result of COVID-19. Disruptions to their education and the beginning of their working life may have negatively impacted them. Some may have even delayed the start of their careers and chosen to continue to live with their parents over the course of the pandemic, lost jobs or received significantly reduced pay.

Organisations who can support young employees will in return gain employees who can bring a new energy to the workplace, as well as fresh perspectives. Getting more young people into employment and giving them the opportunity to build and develop new skills will also help protect their mental health, and give them more confidence for the future.

Online training

All organisations can play their part too and ensure young employees are offered training opportunities and support to excel in their roles. This can be through on the job learning, coaching & mentoring, apprenticeship opportunities and eLearning.

Here at iHASCO we have a range of online courses that can help support your young employees in the workplace. These include mental health and wellbeing courses, as well as soft skills. Check out our Young employee Training Bundle which includes a range of online courses to help support their growth and development.

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