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Recognising Your Team’s Value: Free White Paper

Recognising Your Teams Value White Paper

As a manager, you’re responsible for leading an effective team of people and this means creating a culture of team spirit and an environment where people feel safe, secure, and valued. 

To help make somebody feel like a worthwhile member of the team, it’s important that you spend some time recognising the value that they bring. This doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming; in fact, it’s actually very simple.

It’s as easy as saying “Thank you for helping me, without you we wouldn’t have met our deadline” or “Your attitude in the team meeting today really made a difference and your contributions were very insightful”.

We’ve collected all the essential information you need to recognise your team’s value and make every team member feel worthwhile. In this white paper, we will look at:

  • Why recognising value is so important
  • Influencing
  • Recognising Individual Efforts
  • Collecting Feedback
  • Peer Recognition
  • Being Fair
  • How iHASCO can help you

Download our Recognising Your Team’s Value White Paper today!

Download our White Paper today

Recognising Your Value Training

As well as recognising the value in your team, it’s important that employees are also able to recognise their own value themselves. Our Recognising Your Value Training uses the Japanese philosophy of ‘ikigai’ which can be roughly understood as the purpose or meaning of someone’s life. We use the idea of ‘ikigai’ in this course to help staff start their own journey of discovery and give provide them with tools to help them to find their purpose and recognise their own value.

Recognising Your Value Training
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