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What is the connection between ISO 45001 & ISO 45003?

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With the recent release of the ISO 45003 guidance, many organisations are turning their attention to the systems they have in place to promote and maintain positive workplace wellbeing.

With there being a number of benefits associated with compliance with the new ISO standard, including a £6 return on investment for every £1 invested into workplace wellbeing, it’s understandable that organisations want to push for better workplace wellbeing from a financial & compliance standpoint, as well as the more-obvious moral perspective.

Additionally, there is a connection between the new ISO 45003 standard and ISO 45001, meaning that organisations may want to work towards both standards at the same time to make sure practices are aligning with each other.

Although the practical guidance given from the ISO 45003 standard is stand-alone and is not a certified standard in its own right, it is relevant to areas of ISO 45001. Therefore, following ISO 45003 can help organisations achieve compliance with ISO 45001.

To put it simply, employers have a duty to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees. They must adopt a number of measures, which can be found in ISO 45001, and some of these measures overlap with those given by ISO 45003.

With that said, to not abide by ISO 45003 means that ISO 45001 accreditation cannot be achieved.

Psychosocial risks in the workplace should be seen at a level of importance that is equivalent to physical risks, as they can be just as damaging. ISO 45003 provides organisations with the tools they need to enable them to take a leap forward in becoming a healthier, happier, and safer workplace.

ISO 45003 & Workplace Wellbeing White Paper

We have recently published a free-to-download ISO 45003 & Workplace Wellbeing White Paper that gives more information about the newly-released guidance and also explains the benefits of positive psychological health at work, the most common psychological risks in the workplace, the most common issues with managing psychosocial risks in the workplace, and much more!

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