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Q1 2021 Product Development Update

It's been full steam ahead for the development team this year, and it's only quarter one. We released a milestone update for our LMS reporting views in January, simplifying the interface, adding new exporting options, and we've finally made the doughnut segments on the dashboard clickable! That's right, CLICKABLE!

March has brought us some fancy new filtering features which pair nicely with the search feature we added to the insights page. We've also been hard at work to improve accessibility in our training courses. Screen readers will now have an easier time understanding our interface and relaying that information to you.

Quarter two will bring you a heap of new features, some of them being our single-sign-on system (more on that at a later date), and we're adding new ways to manage your branding throughout the LMS and training suite. Look out for blog posts on both of those features soon.

It's already been a fantastic start to the year, and we cannot wait to share more exciting features with you throughout the coming months.

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