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Behind the approver - RoSPA

Behind the approver - RoSPA

In case you missed it - This month, at the start of each week we have been publishing entries into a series of blog posts that focus on the recognised authorities that approve, accredit, and endorse our online training courses.

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Who are RoSPA?

RoSPA are a UK-based charity with a primary goal of working to stop the needless loss and devastation that accidents cause.

They are actually one of the oldest Health & Safety bodies in the UK, having formed just after the first World War.

They cover a wide range of areas surrounding safety, including occupational safety & health, road, leisure, and education.

In order to help prevent accidents from occurring, RoSPA offers a number of services including consultancy, qualifications, events, and memberships.

However, another key service that RoSPA offer to help reduce the chances of accidents occurring is their approval scheme. They provide individual Health & Safety Training courses with their stamp of approval, providing they meet the high standards of criteria to ensure their audience only undertake the best & most effective courses.

What are the benefits of completing a RoSPA Approved Training course?

Completing a RoSPA Approved course comes with a number of benefits that few other courses could match.

Firstly, you can be sure that you are undertaking a course that will provide you with great value and accurate information. Having been doing their job for over a century, RoSPA have a pretty good idea of what training works.

Secondly, each RoSPA Approved course is individually assessed by a RoSPA consultant each year to make sure that the course continues to meet their high standards.

Not all courses are eligible for approval, but those that are must first undergo a rigorous assessment. This entails a RoSPA Consultant conducting an in-depth review of all course materials


Finally, when you complete one of our RoSPA Approved training courses, you receive a printable certificate that contains RoSPA’s seal of approval, which helps the user and their organisation show due diligence when it comes to legislative compliance.

See our blog on the benefits of choosing approved training.

Are any of iHASCO’s courses RoSPA Approved?

Here at iHASCO, we offer a variety of RoSPA Approved Training courses, including popular titles like:

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