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Free downloadable guide: COVID-Secure Risk Assessments and Inspections

Free download: Covid-secure risk assessments and inspections. An employers guide.

Despite the continuing success of the vaccination programme, COVID-19 is still interfering with our day-to-day lives and we will need to learn to live with it for a further period of time. Whilst those that have already had one or both of their vaccines are afforded some protection from COVID-19, it can still spread, which is the main reason for the cautious government roadmap out of lockdown. 

As a result, workplaces and areas open to the public still need to be COVID-secure and even if employers previously completed a COVID risk assessment, it is now time to revisit it. Ensuring safety measures are in place and existing measures are still effective, is important to those essential businesses continuing to operate and those looking to reopen the workplace in the near future. Perhaps in the chaos of last year the COVID-secure risk assessment was hurriedly put together, or employees were not fully consulted, or is it time to complete a review?

Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a handy guide in partnership with Citation, to help you understand how to carry out a COVID-secure risk assessment and how to prepare for an inspection. It includes:

  • Performing your COVID-secure risk assessment
  • Communicating your COVID-secure risk assessment with employees
  • Publishing your risk assessment
  • Preparing for a COVID-secure inspection
  • Common issues identified by inspectors
  • Encouraging compliance with new measures
  • And more...

Download your free guide to COVID-secure risk assessments and inspections or use the download button below to get access to this useful guide.

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The HSE are carrying out inspections of all types of business across the UK, to ensure they are following the government guidance to keep the workplace COVID-secure. Back in May 2020, the government created 14 guides to support businesses with keeping people safe and minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19, which are kept up-to-date. It is expected that all businesses, no matter their size, implement COVID-secure measures.

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