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Behind the approver - IOSH

Behind the approver - IOSH

In case you missed it - Last week, we published our first entry in a series of blog posts that focus on the recognised authorities that approve our online training courses.

See our first blog on the CPD Certification Service.

This week, we’ll be putting the spotlight on the world's biggest Health & Safety membership organisation, IOSH!

Who are IOSH?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body and the largest membership organisation for Health & Safety professionals.

Formed over 75 years ago, IOSH have continued to grow and become the leading recognised body in the world of Health & Safety. This status is recognised by businesses globally, which is why IOSH membership is considered a symbol of excellence amongst Health & Safety professionals.

With a core focus of making workplaces safer, healthier, and more sustainable, they use a variety of channels to offer technical advice, including development programmes, events, helplines, and approval schemes.

This is why our mission is to be the professional body leading the way in global occupational safety and health. Because of our expertise, reach and reputation, IOSH is uniquely placed to influence the way organisations look after their people at work.


We’ve worked closely with IOSH for a number of years, attending many of their UK events, featuring in a number of their newsletters, and even having a number of employees with IOSH membership!

We were one of the first eLearning providers to have our courses approved by IOSH. It’s a relationship that has thrived over the years and we understand just how important that stamp of approval is to all of our wonderful clients. We look forward to having even more courses approved by IOSH in the coming years!

Alex Wilkins Tech.IOSH, Head of Business Development

What are the benefits of completing an IOSH Approved Training course?

When looking for an online training course surrounding Health & Safety and Wellbeing, it is always a good idea to check for IOSH Approval, as this indicates a number of benefits this course will have over others, including:

  • Quality assurance - To achieve an IOSH approval, there are many criteria that must be hit by the course content to ensure that it is of the highest quality.
  • Accurate information - IOSH have a very thorough knowledge of Health & Safety and Wellbeing, so you can trust they know what is right and what is wrong. For this reason, IOSH approved courses are guaranteed to supply accurate, sourced information.
  • Developing staff skills/knowledge - Now you know that an IOSH Approval can guarantee quality content and accurate information, it’s important to remember why you’re providing the training in the first place. IOSH Approved courses are the very best when it comes to the topic of Health & Safety, so by providing these courses to your employees, you know that they will help enhance staff skills and provide them with valuable knowledge that will help your organisation to be a safe place to work.

There are many other reasons to seek workplace training courses with approvals. Read our blog on the importance of choosing approved training to find out about additional benefits!

Which of iHASCO’s courses are IOSH Approved?

Here at iHASCO, over 30 of our Health & Safety and Wellbeing Training courses have been individually assessed and approved by IOSH!

Some of our best-selling IOSH Approved courses include:

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