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Free download: An in-depth guide to bereavement

Free download: An in-depth guide to bereavement

From the perspective of an employer, managing bereavement in the workplace is a sensitive issue, and when an employee loses a loved one it can have a massive impact on them; they could potentially find it more difficult to concentrate at work and it might become harder to perform their normal duties.

For this reason, in the UK, employees are allowed to take time off for ‘compassionate leave’. This allows the employee to take some time off in order to grieve and sort any affairs as a result of bereavement.

With that said, it is essential that all employers have a strong understanding of how to manage bereavement leave, what is expected of them, and how to handle a returning employee.

You can download this in-depth guide to bereavement for employers for free. This download, created in partnership with Citation, aims to give employers a better understanding of:

  • The legalities of bereavement
  • Bereavement leave pay
  • Handling returning employees
  • Support systems
  • Other key considerations

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