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How iHASCO have supported the Education sector throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

How iHASCO have supported the Education sector throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Having worked at iHASCO since 2011, I have helped my fair share of schools work towards legislative compliance. I specialise in the education sector here at iHASCO, and played a big part in turning the KCSIE document into an easy-to-use, trackable online resource for our clients to help them keep better tabs on who had read the guidance.

It is without a doubt that 2020 has been my most challenging year in this role, and I’m almost certain that a lot of people working in the education sector would say the same thing. It has been a particularly challenging year for those working within the Education sector, making sure schools are COVID secure, facilitating online classes, school closures, these are just a few of the things staff have had to face, in reality, the list is far longer!

With that said, all staff at iHASCO have to work harder than ever before to ensure our clients receive the continued high-quality support they deserve, and we all hope that teachers and students alike have benefited from our support.

Out of curiosity, I asked a few of my clients how iHASCO had helped them work towards compliance and keep their staff/students safe over the last year. Here’s what they said:

iHASCO has enabled staff to undertake training while working from home in what has been an unprecedented year. It has enabled us to ensure that staff can stay up to date in all the training that is required for their roles at a time when face to face training was impossible.

A big struggle for school staff has always been finding time in what is always a busy day in a busy term to undertake training. The lockdown and ensuing hub school staff rotas meant that those who were working from home now had the time to catch up on.

As we have an open license (access to multiple courses) the learning that has taken place has been incredibly varied amongst our staff, from those undertaking job specific courses to teaching assistants learning about CDM regulations.

The Learning Management System has also enabled us to have an easy overview of the training that has been done. Prior to COVID our staff averaged around 275 training courses per month, during the first month of lockdown this figure went up to 11 times the usual amount with over 3100 courses undertaken in one month.

Aspire Academy Trust

For us I think the infection and prevention learning module helped staff to better understand COVID. The other courses which really helped were the mental health courses - especially as we were given free access during the first bout of lockdown.

We also imported some of your free resources too. Mental Health was (and still is) a big thing for us as an organisation. I obtained some really positive feedback around these modules.

The White Horse Federation

It’s been absolutely delightful to hear this positive feedback from our clients after what has been a difficult year for everybody. And whilst it has been a challenging year, comments like these make it truly fulfilling.

If you’re interested in how our service can help you with your training needs, you can claim a no-obligation free trial to any of our courses for the education sector today!

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