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Managing remote workers during a lockdown

Help keep your remote workers safe and productive with our free downloadable resources, and use our guidance and advice to help establish best practices.

Free remote working resources

In April 2020, the ONS found that 49.2% of adults in employment were working from home, mostly as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. We have now found ourselves at the beginning of lockdown 2 and many office workers are having to return to a further period of homeworking.

Whilst this is a familiar situation for many and the benefit of hindsight is likely to mean a smoother transition to homeworking this time round, it is still likely to present some challenges for employers and managers alike. Those organisations who have continued to offer remote working for their employees, now have the perfect opportunity to review their team’s remote working practices and focus on ensuring their team have the correct tools and support to carry out their role effectively.

There are two free downloadable resources available for businesses to arm themselves with a wealth of information to help ensure remote workers remain safe and productive. The advice and guidance will help you consider a number of areas in relation to homeworking.

Our Health & Safety, HR and Compliance while working from home white paper includes key topics such as:

  • The safety and wellbeing of employees
  • Practical tips for homeworkers
  • Best forms of communication
  • Documents, policies and legislation

Download this white paper here.

The second white paper focuses on areas that management teams need to consider when they are responsible for a remote team, in order to help them flourish, which includes:

  • Building structure and trust in your team
  • Removing obstacles to help your team perform their roles effectively
  • Adjusting expectations, including being mindful of any differences within your team
  • The importance of communication to strengthen relationships 

Download the Managing a Remote Team Whitepaper

The importance of online training 

Online training provides a simple and cost effective way to support employees in the areas of health, safety and wellbeing. There are a huge range of topics which can give staff the confidence and knowledge to not only succeed in their roles but feel motivated and valued. With a dispersed workforce eLearning can offer a consistent and convenient way to inform staff about key areas to ensure they are safe and productive when working from home, such as Health & Safety for Homeworkers, DSE training and Effective Remote Working training. Take a look at our remote workers training bundle and set up a free trial today.

Online training courses for remote workers