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Future of Work series: eLearning is shaping the future of employee training

2 iHASCO employees using a story board to plan an eLearning course

iHASCO collaborated with Raconteur and The Times to produce the Future of Work report, one of the most anticipated publications of the year for employers and decision makers!

In case you missed it here’s a link to our article in the report:

eLearning is shaping the future of employee training

Nathan Pitman, Director at iHASCO, demonstrates how online learning can make a genuine difference and provide businesses with the strong, resilient workforce they need to survive and prosper. 

Key takeaways

  • The eLearning market has seen significant growth since the Coronavirus pandemic, with continued growth forecast. This sector had already been gaining momentum but lockdown has accelerated growth further. You can read our blog on the growth of the eLearning industry during lockdown for further insights.
  • Despite COVID-19, an organisation is still responsible for the health and safety of their employees. Employee health & safety cannot take a back seat because businesses have found themselves in unchartered territory. In fact if anything it has further emphasised the importance of health and safety in the workplace. eLearning has proved itself as valuable.

Businesses have always had a responsibility to provide workplace training, but we’ve seen many clients go above and beyond for their staff in this pandemic, even training furloughed workers and keeping their knowledge up to date. E-learning is now much more accessible because we’ve invested so much in making our platform as user friendly as possible, catering to those whose first language is not English, providing closed captions for those who are hard of hearing and compatibility with screen readers for those with visual impairments.

Nathan Pitman, Director at iHASCO, in Raconteur’s Future of Work Report
  • Online training solutions are available to support all industries to complete essential health & safety and compliance training to create a positive health & safety culture. It has supported many businesses in these uncertain times, providing useful training to homeworkers, those on furlough, or those returning to work. During the first 6 weeks of lockdown, compared to the same period last year, there was an 800% increase in the usage of iHASCO's Mental Health Awareness, Cyber Security and GDPR training courses.
  • eLearning is set to play a vital role in the future of organisations, with COVID-19 meaning businesses are likely to see online training as a foundation to ensuring employee safety, especially where homeworking and flexi working is becoming more commonplace.

Companies have been looking for reliable ways to navigate and support their staff through this pandemic. The businesses that will now thrive as the economy opens up will be those that are agile and are able to react quickly. E-learning can make a difference to the safety and wellbeing of employees; it can also boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and create confidence in your workforce.

Nathan Pitman, Director at iHASCO, in Raconteur’s Future of Work Report

The future of training

2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses across the globe and whilst there has been an element of survival, now is the time to look to the future. 

It is not simply a case of returning to normal but instead reinventing the work environment, reviewing processes and making positive changes to help move forward.

Here at iHASCO we can support you with your online workplace training. Sign up for a free trial, and you will get access (for a limited time) to over 100 online Health & Safety, HR and Business Compliance courses . Our courses are carefully created to provide an engaging and memorable learning experience, through presenter-led footage and animated graphics. We want your employees to not only learn key information from their training but to enjoy it too.

You can download a full copy of the 12 page special report featuring iHASCO here, which provides further fascinating insights into some of the biggest issues facing companies right now.

Raconteur's Future of Work report, distributed in The Times