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iHASCO’s Knowledge Base awarded Technical Author Merit

iHASCO knowledge base

April 2020 saw the launch of iHASCO’s knowledge base after it’s makeover during the winter months with the help of our Technical Author – Amanda, from Spirit Software Ltd who undertook the project.

We are incredibly proud of our new and improved knowledge base which is home to over 120 support articles, ranging from finding your feet as a learner or administrator, to more technical help and support.

The response

The response from our clients has been nothing but positive, giving ‘proper’ support content means they can often solve issues themselves and have more meaningful conversations with our customer support team.

iHASCO Support Team
The iHASCO Support Team

Proud of the outcome and achievement, our Technical Author submitted the Knowledge Base project as an entry to the 2020 UK Technical Communication Awards.

The purpose of the UK Technical Communication Awards is to recognise the value of clear, concise and effective information products. Whether online or printed, the impact of highly effective documentation is felt by industry, commerce, academia and most of all, users. Individuals and teams that develop excellent information products deserve to have their efforts recognised, as do the companies that invest in them.

I am proud to be able to say The Technical Communications UK (TCUK) judges have awarded our Technical Author a merit for the iHASCO Knowledge Base.  The results will be announced at TCUK Metro (normally a conference but online this year) on 29th September 2020.

iHASCO Knowledge Base is an accomplished entry providing information for three user types: learner, administrator and technical support staff.  The entry is organised such that it is always who the text is intended for.  There is a good ‘look and feel’ and the navigation is clear and consistent. Extensive and effective background work really shows through in the end product. 

The background research and work that went into this entry is fantastic and it shows through in the end product.

It’s bold, clear and engaging.

The judge’s feedback on our entry

Overall, we’ve seen a 20% increase in the use of our support knowledge base as a result of completing this project. More importantly as a business we’re now proud of our knowledge base and look forward to continuing to develop and promote it.

Nathan Pitman, Managing Director at iHASCO
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