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The iHASCO Quarterly Vlog - Q2 2020

Welcome to this quarter's vlog! We have asked a cross section of the business to provide updates on all their new projects that have been published over the past few months, giving a behind the scenes peek into how we produce our content. 

On this edition, we’ve curated pieces including;

  • Virtual filming shoot - Matt Newport (Creative Manager) takes us through how we’re creating new courses, using our current working situations to our advantage.
  • Brexit and GDPR - James Kelly (our in-house GDPR expert) explains how our transition out of Europe will affect GDPR.
  • Managing anxiety - Charlotte “Loco” Cottrell (Junior Creative) explains her incredible animation work for our new course. 
  • Food safety courses - I sat down with Lottie Galvin (Studio Manager) to gain more insight into the production of our long awaited Food safety & hygiene courses. 
  • New members of the team! Interviews with Alexandra Drakulic, Sam Collier and Samantha Somerville

As with our previous vlog, we utilise Google Meets to film the majority of the vlog, while we are still unable to fully return to the office and studio. It has been a great way of documenting our time this year where it may have otherwise been forgotten in years to come. It has been great to have so many wonderful pieces of work coming down the pipeline to present this quarter too!

As mentioned in last quarter’s vlog, we want to continue making these vlogs going forward, highlighting the very best pieces of work and key events in our calendar in a more conversational way. If you have any questions, or suggestions as to what you’d like to see in a vlog, please do get in touch!