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Remote Working: Finding the Right Place for a Productive Workspace

As a remote worker, it’s important to create a dedicated workspace. You may pick up and work from other locations from time to time, but most of your remote working should take place here. This allows you to shape your workspace and create somewhere which allows you to be truly productive. There are three things you need to consider when picking the right place; you need to think about light, sound, and temperature.

Numerous studies suggest that natural light, or in other words sunlight, is much more beneficial than artificial light. People exposed to higher levels of natural light throughout the day report better quality sleep compared to people who aren’t exposed to any. Better sleep means better focus which means improved productivity. Other benefits include reduced eye strain, fewer headaches, and improved mood. So, if possible, try and pick a spot in a room that’s well lit by natural light.

Next, you need to think about sound. This one’s a bit more personal, we all work best in slightly different sound environments. For some, it’s as simple as popping on some headphones and listening to music. Others work best in a busy environment where the white noise of people going about their business helps them stay focussed. If that’s you, think about working outside or temporarily setting up in a public building like a coffee shop, for example, or simply open your window onto a busy street and let the sound in. If, however, you’re somebody who needs total silence, it’s best to keep that window shut. Set up away from people and traffic. Maybe you can work in a public library or rent out a shared workspace, or even invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

Lastly, you need to find a place with the right temperature; and the right temperature means anywhere where it doesn’t cause a distraction. Everyone has different needs when it comes to heat and that’s why most complaints in a shared office space involve the thermostat. Just remember, heat rises. If you like it warm, head upstairs, if you like it cold, head down. Also consider whether you have access to certain temperature controls, like a window you can open or close, or a fan, an air conditioning unit, or a heater.

Effective Remote Working Training

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Effective Remote Working Training
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