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Do you want more from your LMS?

Do you need more from your Learning Management System (LMS)? Because iHASCO provide specialised add-ons for branding, document sharing and assessments which are available to add to any subscription.


We can brand your LMS, email messaging and your certificates with your corporate logo. This provides learners with a useful reference point and makes the LMS feel more connected to your own existing software and systems.

Documents and Policies

By using our documents & policies feature you can share important policies and procedures on your LMS and choose to mark them as “required reading”. Even better, you can choose to link these documents to specific courses in your library if you want to. 

If this is part of your job role, you’ll need to know who has seen and read certain policies and procedures, as well as who has completed their mandatory workplace training. This feature is the perfect solution!

DSE Assessment Tool

As well as providing your employees with display screen equipment training if they use it regularly, which includes how to avoid RSI, headaches, eyestrain and back problems... you also need to regularly assess their working environment to identify any issues that could be contributing to any problems.

By using our DSE Assessment Tool, you can quickly and easily gather feedback from your entire workforce; you can identify common issues and you can create reports which can be downloaded and kept as a permanent record.

Find out more about the iHASCO LMS today. Ready to get started? Get started with a free no-obligation trial today! 

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