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Live: New DSE Assessment Tool

iHASCO DSE Assessment Tool now live

We're delighted to announce that after months of development our new DSE Assessment Tool is now live...

Our new assessment module is completely integrated with your LMS, meaning that employees will be prompted to undertake an assessment as soon as they've completed their training. You'll be notified about any issues your employees have raised, so you don't have to worry about running constant reports in order to keep an eye on things. 

The assessment module provides the tools you need to identify, prioritise, and quickly resolve any issues and keep employees updated whilst also maintaining a complete historical record of all communication.

Over the last month or so we've been testing the new tool with our own employees and a number of clients and we're pleased to say that the feedback has been exceptionally positive. We think this new tool is going to make conducting and reviewing DSE Assessments a breeze! 

Our new DSE Assessment Tool is going to be real game changer for our clients. Having a DSE solution comprised of IOSH approved training and an integrated, easy-to-use assessment tool significantly reduces the challenges that training administrators face in working towards DSE compliance. 

- Nathan Pitman, Director

DSE Assessment Tool Demo

Advice for existing clients

The quickest way to gain access to the new DSE Assessment Tool is to get in touch with your Account Manager who can make the switch for you on your account, completely free of charge.

Request a quote today... 

With our IOSH approved DSE Training and our new DSE Assessment Tool, working towards DSE Compliance throughout your organisation couldn't be simpler. Take control of your DSE Assessments and request a quote today!

iHASCO DSE Assessment Tool
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