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An easier way for you to predict your credit needs…

Just a quick blog from me to make you aware of a handy new feature we've released that helps you better track your credit needs! 

iHASCO's credit needs estimator
iHASCO's credit needs estimator

This new feature shows you how many credits you have remaining, how many have been used and gives you a handy estimate on how many credits you'll use in the next 30 days! 

If we estimate that you'll use more credits than you have available, the text will be highlighted in red and soon we'll also notify you automatically via email when your credit balance is too low to complete training due. 

To see your own credit usage and estimates, just log into your LMS, click on the 'Account' dropdown, then 'Account details' and then 'Credits & Subscriptions'. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact your Account Manager here at iHASCO.

You can log into your LMS here: