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We are a Top 100 Small Company to Work For in the UK!

The iHASCO Team celebrating

We have officially been named the 46th Best Small Company to Work For in the UK!

Achieving a BCI (Best Companies Index) Score of 764, we were informed in December that we achieved a 3 star accreditation for ‘extraordinary’ levels of workplace engagement. This is the best accreditation that we could have possibly received!

Subsequently, iHASCO have been ranked as the 20th best company to work for in the South East of England, above many well known brands, which we feel is a pretty incredible achievement!

iHASCO Managers holding our Best Companies Award

Following that, we were told that we had been listed as one of the Top 100 Small Companies to Work For in the UK, and were listed as number 46 following last night's awards ceremony.

Remarkably, this was the first year that we had put ourselves forward for the accreditation, and to be placed in the top 100 companies to work for by the Sunday Times truly highlights the effort we put into promoting a healthy work-life balance!

iHASCO in the Sunday Times 2020

One of our core values at iHASCO is to “Have fun and look after each other” and it’s clear to see that our amazing team lives by our core values, else we wouldn’t make the top 100; nevermind the top 50!

With that said, another one of our values is to “Seek constant improvement”, so we’ll be hoping that we can use the feedback from the staff survey to make working at iHASCO even greater!

Perhaps we could be number one in the next few years?! We’ll certainly continue to work towards it!

If you’re interested in a career opportunity with us, send an email with your CV to or alternatively, see our job postings on Indeed!