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Our first course announcements for 2020!

Brand new courses this January!

This month we are going to be releasing 3 new courses! Lined up we have 2 more Care Certificate Courses Understanding your Role in Care (Standard 1) and Personal Development in Care (Standard 2) - which are ideal for anyone working in the Care industry. We'll also be updating our Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention course, which is suitable for all staff in all types of workplace! This brings us to a total of 11 of the 15 Care Certificate Courses released!

Slips, Trips and Prevention Training (update)

Slips trips and falls training update

Scriptwriter: James Kelly
Animator: Matt Newport

This CPD Accredited Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Online Training is broken down 3 easy sections - responsibilities, slips and trips, and falls. This course has been rewritten to include up-to-date information and has been given a beautiful visual update with animation and live original footage. 

In 2018/19, 29% of all workplace injuries were caused by slips, trips or falls on the same level and 8% of injuries were caused by falls from height. It is important that organisations help their staff understand how to prevent these types of injuries at work. 

Understanding Your Role in Care Training

Understand your role in care training screenshot

Scriptwriter: James Kelly
Animator: Charlotte Cotrell

Understanding your Role in Care is Standard 1 of the Care Certificate. There are many varied roles within the care industry and so it is important to understand exactly what is expected from you in your role. In this course, we will cover 3 sections - understand your role, your rights and responsibilities and how to work well with others.

If you work in Care you have a responsibility to help and look after people in your care and it is important that you know what your responsibilities are. While it is near impossible to list all tasks on a job role, it should give you a much better understanding. 

Personal Development in Care Training

Personal Development in Care training care certificate

Scriptwriter: James Kelly
Animator: Charlotte Cotrell

Personal Development in Care is Standard 2 of the Care Certificate. The best way for employees to track their personal development is through a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to identify learning needs and help you to progress in your career.

Our Personal Development course is broken down into 2 easy sections - the personal development plan and learning & development. This course aims to make sure that employees are getting the most out of their job role, setting objectives for themselves and making positive changes in the care and support they offer.

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