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Our Fire Awareness in Education Course has been updated!

Fire Awareness in Education - Section 1

We’re ending 2019 with some great news for our clients in the Education sector! One of our most popular courses in the sector, Fire Awareness in Education, has received a shiny new update for 2020 and beyond! 

With our ever-expanding course library, we try to update as many of our older courses as possible as well as releasing new titles. Our original course was released back in 2015 so it was in need of a bit of TLC! 

This upgrade means that we’re able to make sure that the course mirrors current legislation and will be bought more inline with our current crop of fantastic animation and graphics to make our courses more enjoyable.

Every year fire costs the UK over 8 billion pounds and takes around 350 lives. There are more than 1000 fires in schools every year, with the serious ones costing up to 3 million pounds each in damages.

Our new course can also be completed in just 35 minutes, so you’ll be saving staff time as the old course was around an hour long!

It’s a key piece of training for anyone working within the education sector. In this course we cover; the nature of fire, fire growth and development, fire signage, fire hazards, emergency procedures for those working in education and how to use the different fire extinguishers. 

Scriptwriter: Lottie Galvin

Animators: Sylvie McCallion and Elaine Roberts

Below is a screenshot from our old Fire Awareness in Education course...

Fire Awareness in Education version 1

And here is a screenshot from the new course!

Fire Awareness in Education version 2

If you are already a client and you would like to update to our newer course, please get in touch with your account manager today!

If you would like to trial this course or any other courses, why not get started with a free trial today?

Fire Safety in Education
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