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IOSH Managing Safely Course - What we learnt…

You might have seen a few months ago that 9 lucky members of the iHASCO team completed the IOSH Managing Safely Course provided by A.C.T National. We recently received all of our certificates in the post!

IOSH Managing Safely Certificates

All 9 individuals learned vast amounts about Health & Safety in the workplace and it will allow us (across 3 different departments) to apply this knowledge to our work and in turn help our clients by continuing to provide excellent Health & Safety support and materials.

Here’s what some of those who took the course had to say…

The IOSH Managing Safely course has helped me massively with my role within New Business. I can speak to prospects in more depth about Health & Safety and when I refer to the course they are either interested in how it was or we even compare our thoughts and opinions as they have also done it! Overall I can't thank iHASCO enough for putting me through it as it has been really beneficial to my job role.

Alex King, New Business Manager

The IOSH Course helped me understand what my clients actually have to go through on a day to day basis and the processes they will have in place to create a safer working environment, I feel I can relate to them on a more in depth level and understand those processes that they have and what our training can do to help them and their staff out.

Jack Pitts, Account Manager

Learning what the Health & Safety Manager is required to do and how they go about it has helped in my discussions with them, it has allowed me to ask more complex questions and understand the answers/problems they have, I have also found when they learn I have the managing safely training it reinforces their trust in us and what we say.

Jason Collins, New Business Manager

The course really allowed me to provide more information to our clients and potential clients through our marketing. I felt that I was able to write more confidently and enthusiastically about Health & Safety as well as Health & Safety law that is relevant to our courses and our clients.

Ellie Johnson, Marketing Executive

I can talk a lot more confidently with my clients about legislation and also learnt a lot more about the process of a risk assessment and how important they are

Sam Collier, Account Manager

One of our core values at iHASCO is to ‘Seek Constant Improvement’. Which is why being able to go on a course like this and apply the things that we have learnt to our job roles and help our clients is so important to us! 

iHASCO team complete the IOSH Managing Safely Course

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