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New course announcement: Equality & Diversity in Care

A screenshot from our Equality & Diversity in Care Course

We’re thrilled to announce that we have just released our Equality & Diversity in Care Training course, covering Standard 4 of the 15 Care Certificate standards!

Did you know that according to a Health and Retirement Study, 1 in 5 of residents in care homes report experiencing discrimination?

Our course is designed to effectively promote equality and diversity to those who work in the care sector and explains why it is so important to treat all people with the same respect and dignity. It does this by offering information and advice on understanding the needs of each individual in a care setting. 

Broken down into just two sections, the course starts by explaining the different types of protected characteristics, and explaining what important terms like “diversity”, “equality”, and “inclusion” actually mean and how they impact job roles. 

Section 2 of the course explains how workers can reduce the chances of discrimination by working in ways which respect diversity and promote equality. It explains the importance of never making assumptions, person-centered care, reflective practice and code of conduct. 

The CPD Accredited course can be completed in just 30 minutes and provides instant certificates upon completion!

Take a look at the quality of the course yourself:

Equality & Diversity in Care Training Course | Care Certificate

Alternatively, you can claim a no-obligation free trial to the newly-released course today!

Online Equality & Diversity in Care Training