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Sexual Harassment Whitepaper

Severe cases of sexual harassment are obvious, but it’s not uncommon for someone to feel unsure about whether they've been sexually harassed or not. Especially if the behaviour towards them is subtle or doesn't appear to be deliberate. Someone may feel uncomfortable by how a colleague has treated them or is currently treating them, but they may not have the knowledge or the confidence to deal with the issue.

Effective Sexual Harassment Awareness Training can shed light on the grey areas. We wanted to put together a free white paper on the topic to inform employers and employees on sexual harassment, more accurately what it is and how it can be effectively dealt with.

By downloading our White Paper, you'll gain a better understanding of sexual harassment, including: 

  • Is Sexual Harassment a workplace pandemic? 
  • Sexual Harassment Scenarios that give you a more thorough understanding of sexual harassment
  • What organisations can do to prevent, respond and transform culture 
  • The impact of sexual abuse 
  • Why victims of Sexual Harassment don't come forward sooner or at all
  • What you should do if you think you're being sexually harassed
  • Common Objections to Sexual Harassment Training 
  • A sexual harassment story from one of our own team members
  • You'll learn how iHASCO can help your organisation become more aware of the issue

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture should be important to all employers. Both employers and employees alike are responsible for treating people with kindness, respect and dignity.

Download our White Paper today

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