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The making of our Modern Slavery Course

A modern slavery scenario on a construction site

Today is World Day Against Human Trafficking, which is an annual awareness day that highlights the importance of taking action to prevent human trafficking.

Contrary to popular belief, slavery is still a huge issue in the United Kingdom, with reports of over 5,000 potential victims submitted in 2017 alone. In fact, with over 21 million slaves worldwide, there are more slaves today than ever before.

The Modern Slavery Act makes it a crime in the UK to be involved in slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, and servitude.

Wanting to make a genuine difference, we developed and published our Modern Slavery Training course just last month, which takes a much closer look at Modern Slavery, explains the different types of slavery and, most importantly, explains what your organisation can do to eradicate it or prevent it from happening in the first place.

Being a very sensitive subject, this course was a tricky one to produce. We had to make sure it was hard-hitting but that we didn’t go over the top, as well as trying to keep our team of creatives upbeat during its production. Here’s a short clip we put together throughout the production of the course:

The Making of our Modern Slavery Course

Two of the main industry sectors affected by modern slavery are hospitality and construction. Unfortunately, within these industries, management teams can be completely unaware of their workers' terms of employment, particularly if their due diligence processes only extend as far as the first tier of the recruitment process.

Interested in learning more about Modern Slavery and making a difference? You can claim a no-obligation free trial to our Modern Slavery Training course today!

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