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Course Announcements for July

Another month, another course! Well, another two courses, and very important ones for those working in the Care and Education Sectors!

Here are the courses we have due out in July...

Privacy & Dignity in Care

Privacy & Dignity in Care Screenshot

Scriptwriter: James Kelly

Animator: Charlotte Cottrell

We developed our Privacy & Dignity in Care Training course to work alongside Standard 7 of the Care Certificate.

As a health or social care worker, each of your actions has the power to either strengthen or diminish a person’s self-worth, independence, and their sense of dignity.

This course teaches the importance of respecting people's privacy and dignity as well as what steps you can take to do so.

It even goes into detail on the importance of a risk assessment, of risk-taking, and risk enabling.

Safeguarding Children v2

Safeguarding Training Screenshot

Scriptwriter: Lottie Galvin

Animator: Matt Newport & Elaine Roberts

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. It means protecting those under the age of 18 from harm and helping to promote their health and welfare. This is particularly important for those who come into regular contact with children, including teachers, nurses, and social workers.

An update on our original Safeguarding Children Training course from 2015, this course features a brand new script, stunning new visuals, and has been brought up-to-date to reflect legislative changes made since the original was released.

The course is designed to work alongside Standard 11 of the Care Certificate.

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