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New LMS user profile views

We decided it was about time that we improved how we present individual user profiles within the client LMS and so from today you'll see the beginnings of some of that work.

We've gone right back to basics and rebuilt this screen from the ground up to better respond to your needs as a training administrator. This view is now divided into a number of cards; the 'navigation/tools card' (top left) the 'report card', 'results and courses card', 'events card' and 'profile card'.

LMS user profile view

The navigation/tools card provides you with access to basic user information and tools such as the ability to 'flag' a user, 'archive' a user, 'manage enrolments' (if you have courses set to assignment), 'send email' and 'log-in as user'. There are jump links here to the other cards within the page and below that the profile card through which you can view and edit an individuals attributes, including their language preference.

The report card provides an 'at a glance' view of how a user is getting on, aggregating insight such as their last log-in, overall progress, CPD time and a count of courses with results and completed certificates in one place.

The results and courses card summarises all of a users results and also provides a means to toggle to a courses view in order to identify courses without results and manage enrolments in those which a user does not yet have access to. You can access a print summary and also download all certificates as a single PDF from this card. We've also built upon the old 'refresh reminders' panel and consolidated this with the result status column, just mouse over any in-progress or completed status for a an explanation of whether this user will have received automated email reminders.

The events card brings all of the insight from the 'Insights / Events' screen to an indivudual user profile. This gives you a much more detailed view of what's been going on with an indivudual user, you'll see a chronological list of events associated with them including course enrolment. This is still very much an experimental feature but we are expecting to see it mature over the coming months and become an invaluable point of reference when you need to drill down into the details.

For a complete list of all the changes included in this update please refer to the release notes. We hope you enjoy this new aspect of our product and as ever, our customer support team are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have.