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Why knowing is not enough - Creating the compliance culture you need in 2022

Creating a compliance culture

You've got your staff set up with their Health & Safety and HR Compliance Training, they're happy and everything is going smoothly. You've surely ensured that your staff are safer and that as an organisation, you're working towards compliance with legislation, right? Well, not entirely...

Whilst compliance training goes a long way in improving your staffs' safety and wellbeing, organisations shouldn't be resting on their laurels; and often, creating a compliance culture is the final piece of the puzzle. 

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When creating your training and development plans, you should always question the way things are currently being done and how things can be improved. Identify problems and challenge what is already in place, your staff training should engage the learner, provoke thoughts and most importantly create a positive behavioural change.

Creating the compliance culture you need

Effective training - Interactive video 

This is probably the most important step. How can you expect staff to change their ways if the initial training they're provided with is completely lackluster? We've come across a number of training providers that hand out horrible PDFs, branded as 'eLearning', that seem to go on forever and are awfully dull - you know the ones that contain tens of thousands of words and have awful stock imagery or no imagery at all? In a desperate attempt to add at least some interactivity to their eLearning, some providers have added 'previous' and 'next' buttons to their courses and then claimed that their courses are interactive, but learners are still submitted to the same old text-heavy, boring stuff.

Simply reading a manual or sitting through a PowerPoint session won't do the job. Luckily for you, iHASCO's compliance training courses are highly engaging and interactive through the use of beautifully animated slides and presenter-led questions.

Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

See our blog that covers 5 reasons why traditional (aka BORING) eLearning doesn’t work.

Defined goals 

What behaviour do you specifically want to change? Obviously, the main aim of compliance training is to comply with the regulations that apply to your business and your staff but in order to achieve that goal, staff behaviour must change. So things like setting smaller goals for staff, scenario role plays, and assessments (all iHASCO courses finish with a test!) can all help in achieving that bigger goal. 

Clear communication 

Let your staff know why they are completing the training in the first place. If staff are unsure as to why they are having to complete training, it's likely they'll start the training with a negative mindset and they most likely won't consume some of the most important parts of the course. For the majority of Health & Safety courses, the explanation as to why they need to complete the training is fairly simple - it's for their own benefit and it will help to keep them safe at work, some courses such as Fire Awareness Training are legally required to be undertaken by staff. 

Monitoring results 

Once training has been completed by all staff, you must be able to verify the results and make sure that the training was effectively absorbed. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by setting a pass mark on tests (The vast majority of our clients will set their pass mark at around the 80% mark) and then checking user scores via their LMS (Learning Management System). Our LMS is able to give you your staff's average completion score and the average amount of test attempts within the dashboard and you can also get more detailed breakdowns of each user and pass marks on specific courses in just a few clicks of a button! 

iHASCO LMS Screenshot


By using effective, interactive training and the solutions above, you should be able to start creating that compliance culture that you need.

Effective training goes a long way in working towards compliance with legislation, but if your staff aren't fully invested in the training, it's likely you won't experience a change in behaviour! Give your staff interactive training that they will love and eliminate that first hurdle that so many companies fail on! 

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