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Your new improved LMS user and result views

We've been working hard to bring you some much-anticipated improvements to the LMS user and results views. These should make the LMS much more enjoyable to work with and simplify the process of managing users and results. With this update we've added the following new features:

New user and results search filter

We've made some improvements to the user and results search filter in the LMS. Essentially we've re-written this behind the scenes to provide a much more reliable behaviour and with that a wider range of options with which to find the information you're after. By default, you can now search across both name and email address and we've also added a date picker which provides you with the tools to zero in on users or results from a particular date or even a date range (yesterday, last week, last month etc).

Improved pagination

Before we displayed results 50 rows at a time and you had to click 'Next' to navigate to the next page of results. Now you just scroll and we load the next set of results at the bottom of the current view. This is often known as 'infinite scrolling' and makes it much easier to work with larger result sets and pick off specific users to act upon.

Easier to access actions panel

The actions panel has always lived at the top of the user and results views and pops into view once you check one or more rows to act upon. The actions panel still appears in the same location but it 'pops out' and sticks to the top of the page when you scroll it out of view, making it easy to pick off rows and quickly perform actions without having to return to the top of the screen.

Failed status view

In addition to distinct results views for statuses such as 'completed' and 'in progress' we now also have a view which presents failures independently. Previously these lived within 'completed' with an icon representing that they actually failed.

For a complete list of all the changes included in this update please refer to the release notes. We hope you enjoy this new aspect of our product and as ever, our customer support team are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have.