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What sets iHASCO apart from the rest?

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eLearning is quickly becoming the preferred method for delivering a variety of different training topics. Why? Because it's flexible, easier to enforce and is usually much more cost-effective compared to other training methods.

Not every organisation sees it this way though. Traditional training methods such as providing physical, in-house training or “train the trainer” courses for specific staff members are still widely used across many organisations and can really rack up a huge cost. Now, I’m not saying you can use eLearning for every single subject matter, but a lot of organisations are neglecting eLearning to cover various training needs. Why? The most likely explanation is probably because many are unaware of just how much eLearning has evolved in the past few years. They still see eLearning as a “tick box exercise” or “death by PowerPoint”.

I have worked at iHASCO for nearly 8 years now, and to be quite honest, I completely understand why some organisations would assume this. I have seen the training that almost every one of our competitors has on offer and to be truthful, some do offer good training content BUT there are a huge number of providers that are still demonstrating why eLearning was initially referred to as “death by Powerpoint”. Some of our competitors' content is quite literally that – a PowerPoint on screen. With a test. And a certificate. Which “ticks a box”. How dull is that?!

eLearning with a difference

So how are we different? I have seen the passion and creativity that our production team put into developing our courses and they really excel themselves through each and every aspect of the content that we provide. This is visible from the moment that our research team begins analysing a potential course and its required content, through to our scriptwriters putting pen to paper and producing a thorough script to cover all areas of a topic in the best and most interesting way possible and then our animating team who put this all together, with what can only be described as some of the most creative animations and filming I have seen. Add in our professional presenters, sometimes our very own staff and of course, our approvals and what do you have? An iHASCO course.

Now that’s eLearning content which is engaging from start to finish! Content which not only “ticks a box”, but really and truly engages staff so they can understand every aspect of the chosen topic. We develop courses in a way that everyone can understand. Being able to visualise the topic whilst it is being explained to you is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to learn and you really don’t get that with any other provider. And let’s not forget about the certificate you get at the end! Everyone likes a sense of achievement.

Making a genuine difference

We aim to make a genuine difference with each and every one of our courses (it’s even one of our company values)! We have been successfully doing so for years and will continue to do so moving forward. You'll also receive all the support you could ever need with iHASCO. You will have an experienced Account Manager who is there to listen and consult where possible and guide you through the process of training your staff. They make using the product as simple as completing a course.

But of course, don’t just take my word for it! 

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