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COSHH - Employee and Employer Responsibilities

When it comes to CoSHH, both employees and employers have responsibilities to ensure a safe working environment for everyone! 

As most people know, CoSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. CoSHH aims to provide knowledge on how to correctly handle hazardous substances in the workplace. If employers are providing the correct information, alongside training and employees are practising safe working processes then CoSHH is also being practised efficiently. However, in some circumstances, employees or employers are unclear about what is expected of them. This blog may enlighten some of you that are not sure what is expected of you...

CoSSH - Employer & Employee Responsibilities. Examples of COSHH Symbols

Employees Responsibilities: 

Employees have the responsibility to ensure that their daily tasks are conducted safely to ensure no harm comes to them or others.

  • Assist their employees in creating a safe working environment and help abide by the regulations set to their workplace. 
  • Follow the procedures put in place to stop accidents and overexposure and therefore causing harm.
  • Wear the correct PPE. Such as Eye Protection and Noise Protection
  • Ensuring the above are stored correctly and returned to their correct storage facilities. 
  • Correct reporting for accidents/spillages/breakages in equipment etc.
  • Attend medical check-ups - some workplaces provide medical checkups to ensure their workers are safe while working with hazardous substances
  • Making proper use of any cleaning and showering facilities that are provided by employers. 
  • Keeping up to date with training provided
CoSSH - Employer & Employee Responsibilities. Two men discussing COSHH responsibilities.

Employers Responsibilities: 

Employers have the responsibility to educate and inform staff on how to complete tasks safely and provide the correct equipment.

  • Checks and observations should be carried out at regular and appropriate points when tasks with these substances are being carried out
  • Provide the right health care and checks for staff, including care if they do come into contact with these substances
  • Provide PPE, Eye Protection and Noise Protection equipment to staff and keep checks to see when they need replacing. Ensure all these fit the user appropriately too. 
  • Supervising to check employees are carrying out tasks as they are supposed to. 
  • Prevent and control employees from exposure to any of these hazardous substances
  • Providing adequate training to staff
  • Provide accident plans for when accidents do happen
  • Provide CoSHH risk assessments

Please note: Self-employed people have the responsibilities of both the employers and the employees!

Many employees/employers will not realise how often they come into contact with something that is classed as a hazardous substance. 

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